Document Imaging - Anytime Access™

Data Capture

Scanning of forms, capturing written data and converting them into digital information for back end databases will improve efficiency and reduce processing time.

Content Management

Sure-Reach provides implementation services for Enterprise Content Management in your office if you wish to handle your own management of information internally.

Hosting Services

Sure-Reach provides storage space in terabytes or gigabytes for your scanned images and digital documents, with proper indexing for easy retrieval.

Why digitize your documents with Sure-Reach?

Multiple Secured Access 24/7

With digitization, you can access your scanned documents whenever and wherever you have internet access. Digitization also provides the platform for multiple simultaneous accesses to the same document.

Increased Efficiency –
Data Capture Capability

Sure-Reach’s digitization process offers our clients a complete suite of related services. From the source documents, characters (handwritten, typed, symbols) can be recognized and captured directly into our clients’ operational systems. This eliminates the need to manual data entry from source documents into the system.

Costs Savings

Digitization helps to save costs in many ways – from reduction of office space required to all the costs associated with retention of hardcopies.


Lost documents or records are common in many companies and this risk of loss increases corresponding to the number of times the record is moved.

With digitization, the original document can be scanned and then stored safely and permanently in a secured facility in Sure-Reach’s Records Management Centres.

If there is a need for reference, users can simply log on using a secured password to get a scanned image of the original document without having to retrieve the original each time.

Go Green

Digitization reduces the number of times a certain document is re-printed. This would help save paper thus saving the environment.

Equipped with technical and advisory support from one of the largest business outsourcing company in the world and deployment of the best hardware and software engines, Sure-Reach strives to deliver excellent services to its clients.

Document Imaging Process Flow Diagram